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How do we post AR transactions that was previously posted and reversed

One Way:

Run the concurrent program ARGCGP to unpost (reset the posted status) for the affected AR transactions.

1. Verify the following before running ARGCGP.

– The AR period affected is open
– The correct posting_control_id is identified. Otherwise, running
the program will make the problem worse by allowing data to be
posted twice.
– The transactions cannot be found in the GL_INTERFACE table

2. To run the program, it should be setup as a concurrent request.
– System Admin Responsibility: Concurrent > Program > Define
– Query ARGCGP (as the short name)
– Click ‘Copy To’ Give it a new program name and short name
For example: ARGCGP-Reverse AR Posting

Important: The new program short name must start with ‘ARGCGP’, example ARGCGP_CUS.
– Click on Use in SRS
– Save
– Click on Parameters
– Enter these parameters and save:

Seq Paramater Valueset Default Value Required Display
4 Set of Books id AR_SRS_SET_OF_BOOKS_ID Constant yes yes
5 Posting_control_id 20 Characters yes yes
6 Reset_gl_pst_date 6 Characters Constant yes yes
7 del_gl_interface 6 Characters Constant yes yes
8 debug_flag 6 Characters Constant yes yes

Description of Parameters

– set_of_books_id = The ID for the book posted from AR
– posting_control_id = The unique id for the original posting run from AR
to GL. Can be identified by querying the
AR_POSTING_CONTROL table if value is not known.
– reset_gl_pst_date = (Y)es or (N)o flag to indicate if records in AR
marked as posted should be reset so that they are
postable again
– del_gl_interface = (Y)es or (N)o flag to indicate if records for this
posting_control_id should be deleted from
gl_interface table
– debug_flag = (Y)es or (N)o flag to put additional debug
information in the log file

3. Add the new program to Revenue Recognition Request Group.
– Security > Responsibility > Request
– Query up Group Revenue Recognition, Application Oracle Receivables
– Add a new line
– Report and from LOV choose ARGCGP-SRS
– Save

4. Change the user’s responsiblity to Receivables User and run the process.
5. Rerun the GL Interface.
* WARNING: Before updating any tables in SQL*Plus, perform a BACKUP of the affected tables.